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Gore highlights world population fears

Source:  Copyright 2007, Brisbane Times
Date:  September 19, 2007
Original URL: Status ONLINE

The ballooning world population and the dizzying pace of technological change have helped turn mankind into an environmental "bull in a china shop", says climate crusader Al Gore.

The former US vice-president said the world population has quadrupled in 100 years.

Though it is now stabilising, it is still increasing in developing countries with high rates of poverty.

"But it's an important part of the explanation as to why we are suddenly the bull in the china shop that we never used to be," Mr Gore said in a speech in Sydney.

"Even more important is the fact that our technology has grown in power at a dizzying pace, perhaps one million times more powerful as our grandparents had available to them."

Technology had made a significant impact on "this shell of the environment that surrounds our planet", he said.

Mr Gore cited the chemical family of ...

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