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Australia: State binge puts doubt on ALP climate policies

Source:  Copyright 2007, Sydney Morning Herald
Date:  July 16, 2007
Byline:  Wendy Frew
Original URL: Status ONLINE

FEDERAL Labor's climate change credentials have come under attack in the light of its failure to rein in a greenhouse gas binge by Labor state governments.

Environment groups said the Opposition Leader, Kevin Rudd, needed to explain how he would curb rising greenhouse gas emissions at a time when Queensland and NSW were dramatically boosting coal exports and several states were approving big road and power projects that would increase climate change pollution.

Mr Rudd's silence on the NSW Treasurer Michael Costa's climate change denial was also questioned. Mr Costa, who controls the purse strings of the most populous state, last month said supporters of climate change science created division and panic for political purposes.

The NSW Treasurer favours building a new coal-fired power plant to meet the state's energy needs, in contrast to other proposals for more gas-fired generation or energy efficiency and demand ...

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