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Scientists to fight global warming with plankton

Source:  Copyright 2007, Australian
Date:  May 21, 2007
Original URL: Status ONLINE

ONE of the Earth's major natural barriers to global warming could be strengthened by the first commercial venture to grow vast plankton blooms.

US eco-restoration firm Planktos intends to drop tonnes of powdered iron into the Pacific in a two-year project which aims to induce the growth of plankton.

Some scientists believe the iron seeding technique will help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere after research published on Friday showed that atmospheric carbon dioxide is no longer being absorbed by the Southern Ocean at the rate it used to be.

“The ocean's rising acidity and surface water temperatures and most of all the dwindling wind-borne supply of vital iron micronutrients have literally decimated the marine plankton plants which generate half the planet's oxygen, remove half its CO2 and feed every higher form of ocean life,” said Planktos CEO Russ George.

“However, public concern with ...

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