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Japan to Develop Carbon Sink Calculation Method

Source:  Copyright 2002, Jiji Press
Date:  February 6, 2002

Japan will develop ways to measure carbon dioxide absorption by forests under a public-private joint project, partners said Wednesday.

The partners include an independent administrative agency, the National Institute for Environmental Studies, Oji Paper Co. <3861> and Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc.

The 1997 Kyoto environmental pact allows signatory countries to include carbon dioxide absorption by forests, or carbon sinks, in their reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

The project will use a 5,100-hectare forest managed by an Oji Paper unit in Victoria, Australia, to develop a forest sink calculation method in fiscal 2002 starting in April.

The Oji Paper unit is also partly owned by Nissho Iwai Corp. <8063>, Toppan Printing Co. <7911> and Hokkaido Electric Power Co. <9509>.

In the joint project, Oji Paper and the unit will conduct field research into the forest's density and growth, while providing data on the relation between the size of the forest and carbon dioxide absorption.

The National Institute for Environmental Studies and Mitsubishi Research Institute will analyze environmental data from satellite pictures and develop a formula to calculate forest sinks.

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