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Conservationists battle Boise Cascade

Source:  Copyright 2005, Associated Press
Date:  September 25, 2005
Original URL: Status ONLINE

BOISE, Idaho -- After failing to halt two timber sales in Washington and Oregon in federal court, environmental groups now hope to scuttle the projects by accusing Boise Cascade Co. of reneging on its 2003 promise not to buy wood from old-growth forests.

The Boise-based company began logging 10 million board feet of timber in the Deschutes National Forest in eastern Oregon last week. It expects to begin cutting 6.5 million board feet from the Wenatchee National Forest in northeastern Washington within days. Both areas were damaged by 2003 fires.

Environmentalists say it's old growth. Boise Cascade says it isn't.

Forestry experts watching this fight say it highlights the difficulty of defining just what makes up old-growth forests, which for years have been at the center of the clash between loggers and preservationists. It's made even more contentious because only limited research exists on the best way to promote ...

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