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Belo Monte, An Announcement of War

Threatened by the construction of a huge hydroelectric dam in the Amazon rainforest, Indigenous Peoples of the Xingu River Basin fight together to prevent by any means what they consider to the makings of a terrible catastrophe with global consequences.

Source:  Copyright 2012, Intercontinental Cry
Date:  June 23, 2012
Original URL: Status ONLINE
Video Link

Belo Monte, An Announcement Of War is an independent, crowd-funded, feature-length documentary about the largest ongoing construction project in Brazil and the permanent struggle to stop it. The entire film has been uploaded to the internet for anyone who wishes to view it.

Visit the film's official website:


A Documentary about the largest ongoing construction project in Brazil, where both OPINIONS/DEPOSITIONS for and against Belo Monte point towards a environmental, economic and social disaster.

Belo Monte is a hydroelectric dam that the Brazilian government intends to implement right in the heart of the Amazon, on the Xingu River bend, near the city of Altamira in the Pará state.

The documentary "Belo Monte, An Announcement of War" is an independent and collective project regarding the project, that was filmed over 3 expeditions to the Xingu river ...

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