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The science still points to Copenhagen

Source:  Copyright 2009, Guardian
Date:  December 4, 2009
Byline:  Robert Watson
Original URL: Status ONLINE

It is about time that some sanity is brought to bear on the issue of the illegally hacked temperature data and emails from the University of East Anglia (UEA). There is no doubt that the language in the emails could suggest that the scientists may have inappropriately manipulated the data to support the theory of human-induced climate change and attempted to suppress other data that contradicts this theory, which is why I applaud UEA for rapidly establishing an independent review of the whole issue. But to suggest that this undermines the whole body of scientific evidence of human-induced climate change, and that any talk of carbon emissions cuts should be suspended, is simply untenable.

The global temperature analysis is robust and the work of the UEA Climatic Research Unit, on the land component, is fully supported by two separate independent analyses in the US at Nasa and Noaa. The evidence for climate change over the past 100 years also comes from observed changes ...

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