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This Action Alert has expired and can no longer be sent. Many thanks to those who participated.

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Action Alert: Rio+20: Protest Global Leaders Obama, Merkel and Cameron’s Absence

As the world faces an unprecedented ecological and social emergency, leaders of the US, UK and Germany dawdle as Earth burns. Their absent, failed leadership obstructs international efforts to protect our one collapsing biosphere while sustainably meeting all of humanity’s basic needs. Demand that the absent leaders from Rio+20 immediately make their way to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, and/or instruct their negotiators to stop obstructing an action-based agenda to sustain global ecology and achieve sustainable development.

By EcoInternet - June 18, 2012

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Additional Background

The UN Conference on Sustainable Development – “Rio+20” – is underway, and absence of major global leaders is deeply troubling. President Obama, Prime Minister Cameron and Chancellor Merkel do not see fit to personally attend this vital international summit to address global ecological decline, lack of sustainable development, and persistent abject poverty amongst elite abundance. Rio+20’s declared purpose is to strengthen commitments to sustainable development and build a “green economy”. The absence of such important global leaders – along with their nations’ years of obstructionism to these ideals and international environmental negotiations – mean that the United Kingdom, United States of America and Germany are the problem – not the solution – to a just, equitable and sustainable Earth.

Based upon ecological science, we know what must be done to sustain Earth’s life and human advancement: protect and restore primary forest and other intact ecosystems, immediately begin reducing emissions to avoid abrupt climate change based upon common but differentiated responsibilities, reduce inequitable consumption and population growth, and promote fairness in sharing of Earth’s dwindling abundance amongst all nations and their peoples. What is lacking is international leadership – shown by the absence of major nations’ leaders. What could possibly be more important than ensuring Earth remains habitable, and all humanity’s basic needs are met? Ecological Internet’s Earth Action Network must bear witness to such deadly and dangerous environmental intransigence, holding failed leadership accountable for ecocide.

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M V M A Motta - Brazil
B Peck - United States
A Ra - United Kingdom
M Jeune - New Zealand
J Green - United States
L Burpo - United States
M Coston - United Kingdom
E Blackman - United Kingdom
L Wieland - Brazil
A Weevers - Netherlands
A Blin - Portugal
S Iwaasa - Canada
P Morello - United States
K Garbrick - United States
M Matheny - United States
Blangispascale - France
G Holland - Australia
Vives - France
A U V Egli - Switzerland
P Rigopoulos - Greece
M R Alcock - United Kingdom
H U S Ph.D. - Switzerland
V Bostock - United States
VLaino - United States

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