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The EcoEarth.Info provides unprecedented one of a kind capabilities to search the world of environment information on the Internet. Every page on the site features unprecedented climate change, forest/rainforest, water and ocean search capabilities in the upper right hand corner. We ask that users add pages to this environment search engine.

The "Internet" option allows you to search the entire content of several thousands of reviewed leading environmental sites. Using highly sophisticated search engine technologies, this search option makes fully searchable the full site content of these reviewed, authoritative sources containing several million external URLs. Brief search results are also returned for news, links and blog content.

The "News" search makes this site's voluminous news archive fully searchable - several tens of thousand news articles spanning the last decade.

The "Links" search selection makes it possible to search the site title, description and keywords of the several thousand environment web sites in our links section.

And the "Site" search makes this site fully searchable including the EcoEarth's voluminous news archive.

We are convinced that this extensive and unrivaled Internet search capabilities for the world of environmental sustainability can lead to better policy-making and positively contribute to the movement for global ecological sustainability. This is the world's first and only true environmental sustainability science, advocacy and policy search engine.