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December 29, 2012

ALERT! Without Justice for India's Amanat, Can Be No Sustained National Advancement #DelhiGangRape

There can be no sustained national advancement in India without justice for womenTAKE ACTION HERE NOW!

We are witnessing the rise of India as a modern, global power. Yet the absence of the rule of law – as shown by the recent dramatic gang-rape and death of "Amanat" (treasure) in New Delhi – in what is otherwise a largely vibrant democracy, threatens national justice, fairness, and sustained advancement . Ecological Internet has long taken an expansive view of planetary ecological sustainability. To sustain Earth we must sustain ourselves and each other. It is profoundly hoped that Amanat's loss will trigger an Indian movement to create a safe society for women. Equality, justice, and protection for women and children, as well as respect for the rule of law, will be crucial to India's continued just, fair, and ecologically sustainable development.