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January 18, 2011

RELEASES: Utne Reader Names Ecological Internet's Leader a Visionary (2)

National Magazine Selects Glen Barry Among 25 People Who Are Changing the World

From Earth's Newsdesk and New Earth Rising, projects of Ecological Internet (EI)
Contact: Dr. Glen Barry, President, Ecological Internet

Earth passing tipping point as life-support systems failing

GREEN BAY, Wis. (Jan. 14, 2011) — Utne Reader, the best of the alternative press, names Glen Barry, founder of Ecological Internet, a visionary who is making the world a better place. Barry is among 25 people the magazine has chosen for its November/December issue, on newsstands now.

An early political blogger, Barry has built a large network for ecological change. His “global grassroots advocacy” adds muscle to local environmental fights all over the world, and when mainstream green groups fall short, he speaks up. Barry resides in Green Bay.

“Throughout the year, as we read and plan issues, our editorial staff and select freelancers compile lists of people and institutions across disciplines that are doing work that challenges the status quo and promises positive, forward progress,” says David Schimke, Utne Reader’s editor in chief.

NOTE: The complete article and cover image are available upon request.

David Schimke, editor in chief, (612) 338-5040 ext. 325,
Brandy Ernzen, brand manager, (785) 274-4304,

About Utne Reader
Since 1984, Utne Reader ( has been the vanguard of the alternative press, celebrating independent news and views from across the political spectrum. With ideas, trends and solutions you won’t see in the mainstream media for months or even years, those who want to know what’s happening next, read Utne Reader first.

About Ogden Publications Inc.
Ogden Publications Inc. ( is the leading information resource serving the sustainable living, rural lifestyle, farm memorabilia and classic motorcycle communities. Key brands include Mother Earth News, Natural Home, Utne Reader, Capper’s and Grit. Ogden Publications also provides insurance and financial services through its Capper’s Insurance Service division.

25 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World, Utne Reader, November-December 2010.


Wisconsin Graduate and Green Area Resident Dr. Glen Barry Honored to be Named “Utne Reader Visionary” for Political Ecology Work on Internet

- The respected publication “Utne Reader” rightly terms Dr. Barry an “Eco-Rabble Rouser” as list as one of “25 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World”

January 15, 2011
From Earth's Newsdesk, project of Ecological Internet (EI)

(Denmark, WI) – The “Utne Reader” has selected noted ecological commentator and activist Dr. Glen Barry as one of 25 leading visionaries in their November-December 2010 issue. [1] In the blurb accompanying the listing, it terms Dr. Barry an “Eco-Rabble Rouser” who was selected as an “Utne Reader visionary” because as “[a]n early political blogger, Barry has built a massive network for ecological change. His ‘global grassroots advocacy’ adds muscle to local environmental fights all over the planet, and when mainstream green groups fall short, he speaks up.” [2]

Ecological Internet (EI), which Dr. Barry heads and runs, has just learned of the honor and is only now providing comment. “I am gratified and humbled to have my life’s work on behalf of ecology be noted by such a respected journal as the Utne Reader. I believe strongly that global ecosystems are collapsing, threatening ecological sustainability of all life. It is time that biocentric ecological thought be given more media coverage in its own right, and hopefully this will help do so,” says Dr. Barry responding to the award.

Dr. Barry is an ecological sustainability activist, writer and technologist based in rural Wisconsin – yet practicing “grassroots global ecology activism” via the Internet from an old log cabin surrounded by gardens and forest restoration. [3] He is a 1984 graduate of Denmark High School, Wisconsin; graduated from Marquette University with a “Political Science” BA, and has a Masters degree in “Conservation Biology and Sustainable Development” and a PhD in “Land Resources” from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

“I am very pleased to be raised, educated, living and working in Wisconsin, which with deep connections to Aldo Leopold, John Muir and others, provide a huge school of ecological thought that has consistently pioneered our understanding of how to live with the natural world. Wisconsin has a deep responsibility to protect and restore its own forests, water climate and land or face continued ecological and economic decline. The movement for global ecological sustainability here in Wisconsin and globally is growing and becoming more formidable.”

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[1] 25 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World, Utne Reader, November-December 2010.


[3] Dr. Glen Barry short biography,

For interviews, further comment and to arrange speaking events, please contact Dr. Glen Barry and Ecological Internet at and/or



A man who uses his time an talents wisely on the most powerful media stream on the planet, the WWW, can do many a wonderous things. Obviously one of those individuals is Glen Barry. We need more people like you to step forward. Thank you.

Keep going, Glen. Great effort.

What would think of acknowledging the science of human population dynamics and human overpopulation as a way of beginning to take a new path toward sustainability? If we keep repeating the mistakes made in the past by denying extant and unchallenged science, nothing can happen. Without an acknowledgement of the root cause(s) of what is ailing the human family, how are we to move forward to raise awareness of the global predicament? Once awareness is raised among a critical mass of people, it becomes possible to organize for the purpose of formulating policies and programs of action.

The willful denial of science has kept us and continues to keep us from gaining momentum needed to address and overcome the human-driven challenges that currently threaten human wellbeing and environmental health.